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Beanie Babies on the Whitehouse lawn

Virgin on the ridiculous

The Lord Mayor’s Show

Arms Fair Part 1

The Jack Straw Encounter

From 1998-2002 Michael worked with Mark Thomas on four series of his Channel 4 show, as well as two one hour specials. He directed both the location and OB recordings. In 2007 Michael directed Mark’s live DVD - Seriously Organised Criminal.

Whilst working on the shows Michael was almost arrested by Jack Straw and the British Transport police, crash landed in a hot air balloon whilst spying on a Government listening station, got kicked out of The Whitehouse in Washington DC, entered a float in the Lord Mayors Show in London, smuggled an exhibit into Sellafield Visitors Centre and had breakfast with Mohammed Al Fayed in Harrods.

All in the name of truth and justice.

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Comedy Product

Spying on the Spys

Indonesian Torture - Part 1

Menwith HIll - Part 1

Secret Map Of Britain - Part 1

Sellafield Seagulls