Michael’s very first attempts at filmmaking were in the Ciné Club, whilst a pupil at the Lakes School in Windermere. Since then he has made independent shorts, video art works and projections for  bands as well as feature length documentaries for the big screen.

Beachcomber - 1989 16mm B&W 

Video In/Audio Out: 1- 4 (Quad Split) - 2014 Digital  

260 Feet Deep - 2010 Digital 

Episodes From A Life: The Office Job - 1985 U-Matic video  

Matt Berry: The Signs: - 2015 . Super 8 film  

At The Bars (For Guy Sherwin) - 2016 Digital/analogue bars & tone

Across A Lake, Below The Hill - 2015 Digital, 16mm & super 8