brass eye


Brass Eye

First shown in 1997. A mix of surprising celebrity interviews and startling sketches. At the time it was hit and miss if this series would ever be broadcast. Now it’s all available on line. Follow the links above. A few rare bits are also available from time to time here. Rare stills of Brass Eye are to be found in the stills gallery section of the site.

Chris Morris vs Nigel Benn - Torque TV (Brass Eye Pilot) 1995

“Chris has that look in his eye, like he is going to say bad things. Then, with a jab, Benn snatches something from his pocket. He presses a button on a small remote control on his key ring. The automatic security gates glide firmly shut and we are locked in with an angry boxer who’s nickname is The Dark Destroyer”. 

Extract From Michael Cumming’s diary. 1995.